Benefits of Branded Games

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Extend reach

Beyond the attitudinal benefits, mobile and web-based games enable brands to reach their targeted audience throughout the day – including during those hard-to-reach work hours. Games are consumed for longer periods of time than traditional advertising, and social network integration can give great games the potential of building strong communities and being spread virally.


Engage audiences

More than simply a promotional tool, a game can be used to allow potential customers to play with the product and have fun with the brand, influencing brand affinity. With an average of 3 to 20 minutes of direct engagement per player, high-quality games bring audiences back again and again, giving brands long-term exposure. Video games also provide a ready-made option for time-based promotional events, such as contests or competitions.


Promote products or services

Whether implicitly or explicitly, a game can be used to showcase products and services before purchase. By allowing a player to experience the benefits of using a product or service before actually purchasing it, brands can impact a potential customer’s intention to purchase virtually. In-game advertising and product placement can also provide more impressions to a captive audience.


Drive sales

With gaming tie-ins, brands can connect the in-game experience with real-world rewards. Many games feature in-game virtual currency, which is used to buy virtual items or otherwise enhance the game. Brands can offer real-world rewards for players that have accumulated enough virtual currency or points – or can give away virtual currency for every purchase of a real-world product.


Data collection and analysis

Games can also be leveraged as excellent market research tools. Game developers have been utilizing advanced data analytics to increase user acquisition, retention and conversion for years. It is possible to watch how users interact with the game, gaining an in-depth understanding on how users actually respond to a brand, product or service. By collecting details such as how, when, where, and what kind of audience is playing, games can be used to identify future opportunities in incredibly unique ways.


Additional revenue stream

On top of it all – games can become a marketing tool that creates a direct return on investment. If designed correctly, brands can actually use them to generate new stream of revenue, diversify their product portfolio and grow the brand. This unique feature of video games is rarely found in other marketing initiatives.


Comparable costs

When compared against traditional advertising such as radio, television and print, purpose-driven games can be inexpensive to produce and can create an excellent return on investment. Games can be made to be distributed on a wide range of platforms – including mobile devices, social networks, home and handheld consoles, within a browser, or downloaded directly onto a PC.


Video Games TV Spot Magazine Newspaper Direct Mail
Setup Cost $30,000 to $600,000 $50,000 to $750,000 $1,500 to $20,000 $1,500 to $20,000 $1,500 to $15,000
Media Cost None $35,000 to $2 million per 30 second spot $3,000 to $25,000 per full-page ad per issue ~$28,000 per half-page ad per day ~$2.20 per addressee
Cost to Continue Cost of maintenance and support Cost of media + agency hourly rate Cost of media + agency hourly rate Cost of media + additional design Design, publishing + postage costs
Demographic Highly targeted demographics Anyone watching TV Anyone reading the magazine Anyone reading the newspaper People on a mailing list
Definitive ROI Tracking? Yes No No No Yes
Data Collection Extensive None None None None

U.S. National Advertising Comparative Statistics, 2013

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